Services » Project Delivery Models We offer our experts to you in a number of different capacities. We can take your application idea and turn it into a reality with little involvement on your part. Or, we can provide you with your own team of experts to tackle a project. Just need expert advice? We offer consulting as well!

RaagD team is comprised of experts that also possess real-life experience. That combined knowledge will ensure that your application is a success!

Associated Models Turnkey Model
Ideal for entrepreneurs, corporations, or those with limited resources or technical knowledge. In this model, RaagD team will provide complete project oversight, resources and delivery assurance. With your detailed requirements, we deliver your solutions within the agreed budget and timeframe. We are committed to quality and on-time delivery.

Profit Sharing Model
Ideal for entrepreneurs. Have an idea about an application that you think would be successful? If we believe your idea could be a “home run” then this model may be available to you, which would greatly reduce your initial financial investment.