Products » Break-Even-Analysis Benefits Ever wonder:
  • How to price a product?
  • When will your product start making you money?
  • What is the right price for your product to reach?
  • How do you make a bigger profit… faster?
These questions are critical for any business, service, or product.  These types of questions are asked everyday by consultants, project/product managers, corporate executives, and business students. 
 Enter the “Break-Even-Analysis” Android app! An app that helps you provide the answers to the above questions and more.  It provides the number of units required to be sold to become profitable.  The app goes further and provides a user friendly graph, allowing the manipulation of inputs directly on the graph.  Finally, the app provides a quick analysis to show how profit increases as the # of units increase. Major Benefits:  
  • Know how many units need to be produced
  • Determine your profit point for faster ROI
  • Determine the right Sales Price
  • Change your sale price – see the impact on the bottom line (profit)
  • An easy to use user interface
  • A graphical view for an immediate visual of your costs and revenues
  • Save multiple analysis for future use
Who is this app for:
  • Any sales person looking for a quick calculation on how many sales he/she needs to make.
  • Any business consultant looking to show his/her client what they need to produce to be in “the black”.